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Advanced Manufacturing is vital to a strong Colorado economy. Colorado manufacturers are highly innovative and use advanced processes to serve diverse sectors across Colorado- from electronics and consumer products to clean energy system, aerospace vehicles, and medical devices. Manufacturing leaders in the state are also global leaders in advanced materials, as well as food manufacturing and beverage processing.

Momentum is building in Colorado around opportunities for innovation and the creation of highly-skilled, high paying jobs in advanced manufacturing. The advanced manufacturing industry is diverse and geographically dispersed across the state. Global shifts in the manufacturing landscape are putting Colorado at the forefront of bringing advanced manufacturing back to the United States.

Regional Partnerships

Regions: Nothern Front Range, Metro Denver, Pikes Peak, Pueblo, Southeastern, Southwestern, North Western Slope, Southern Front Range

Regional manufacturing sector partnerships across the state are led by businesses in partnership with public partners in order to take action to address common opportunities. Business partners are working with public partners from workforce, education, and economic development to develop an action plan and address common industry needs.

Statewide Partnerships

The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA)
The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance is comprised of members of the manufacturing industry, leaders in government and education, who will work to create jobs across our state and increase the global competitiveness of advanced manufacturing in Colorado. Learn more here!

The Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology (CAMT)
CAMT is a statewide manufacturing assistance center, partially funded by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). CAMT encourages the strength and competitiveness of Colorado manufacturers through on-site technical assistance and support, collaboration-focused industry programs, and leveraging government, university and economic development partnerships. Learn more here!

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