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Colorado is an energy leader with a diverse mix of energy resources. The state defines what’s known as the “the new energy economy” and is a national leader in wind, solar and geothermal energy. But, is also leading the nation in energy conservation and energy innovation.The state is also home to abundant supplies of natural gas, oil and low-sulfur coal.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of industry and the environmental community, Colorado now has the country’s strongest public disclosure rule on the process of hydraulic fracturing technology. The new Colorado Energy Office will promote all types of energy that protect the environment, lower consumer costs and increase energy security, with a focus on long-term energy projects that have broad job creation potential. With tens of thousands of Coloradans currently employed in the energy sector, sustained focus on promoting energy resources and technologies, Colorado is focused on growing this diverse industry that is the backbone to the Colorado economy.

Regional Partnerships

Regions: Northeast, Northern Front Range, Central Eastern Plains, Southwestern, North Western Slope, Central Mountain, Southern Front Range

Regional energy sector partnerships across the state are led by businesses in partnership with public partners in order to take action to address common opportunities. Business partners are working with public partners from workforce, education, and economic development to develop an action plan and address common industry needs.

Statewide Partnerships

Colorado Energy Coalition
The Colorado Energy Coalition (CEC), formed in 2006, is a diverse organization dedicated to strengthening the business climate in Colorado supporting all sectors within the energy industry — fossil fuels, renewable resources, energy efficiency, and conservation. Members of the CEC represent the industry, finance, law, government, education, economic development, and the public workforce system. The CEC works to brand Colorado as the Balanced Energy Capital of the West.

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