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Industry Overview

Colorado has a strong heritage in farming and ranching, as well as great depth in creating natural and organic foods, craft beverages and global restaurant franchises. Innovation and the determination to succeed continue to define Colorado’s food and agriculture industry, which has persevered since the first pioneers settled in the state.

Food and Agriculture producers in Colorado are highly innovative and benefit from strong partnerships with research institutions such as Colorado State University, which boasts the second highest number of pending patents in the state. Food and Agriculture is also essential to other key industries within the state including Tourism & Outdoor Recreation, Transportation & Logistics, Energy & Natural Resources, and Health & Wellness.

Regional Partnerships

Regions: Northeast, South Eastern Plains, Southeastern, Southwestern, Central Western Slope

Regional food & agriculture sector partnerships across the state are led by businesses in partnership with public partners in order to take action to address common opportunities. Business partners are working with public partners from workforce, education, and economic development to develop an action plan and address common industry needs.

Statewide Partnerships

CSU Extension
Colorado State University Extension can provide relief by offering reliable, research-based information to help you make informed decisions. Wherever you live, Extension’s job is to determine what issues, concerns and needs are unique to each community, and offer sound and effective solutions. Whether you have a question about health, financial literacy, pasture or livestock management, weeds, pests or gardens, 4-H or youth development, renewable energy, elder or child-care issues, CSU Extension can connect you to information and resources.

Colorado Department of Agriculture
The mission of the Department of Agriculture is to strengthen and advance Colorado’s agriculture industry; promote a safe, high quality, and sustainable food supply; and protect consumers, the environment, and natural resources.

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