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Colorado’s economy and quality of life are inherently connected to its abundant and diverse tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities. With elevations ranging from 3,350 feet to 14,431 feet, a high percentage of public land (42%), close to 300 days of annual sunshine, and year-round recreation opportunities, Colorado is an outdoor recreation haven.

Colorado is an international hub of outdoor recreation, with a concentration of outdoor industry companies estimated to be approximately 12% of national total. The Outdoor Industry Association found that the outdoor industry accounted for over 107,000 jobs and $10 billion annual economic output in Colorado alone. Colorado also boasts a growing outdoor recreation manufacturing industry sector, which includes many internationally-recognized brands along with a host of entrepreneurial start-ups.

Regional Partnerships

Regions: Central Western Slope, Central Mountain, Southern Front Range

Regional tourism & outdoor recreation sector partnerships across the state are led by businesses in partnership with public partners in order to take action to address common opportunities. Business partners are working with public partners from workforce, education, and economic development to develop an action plan and address common industry needs.

Statewide Partnerships

Colorado Tourism Office (CTO)
The Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) was created in 2000 to promote Colorado as a tourism destination. A board of directors oversees the CTO and is comprised of 15 individuals from hotel, restaurant, attraction and other tourism-related businesses, as well as, Colorado legislators.

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