What are Industry-Led Partnerships?

Across Colorado businesses and their partners are implementing the Colorado Blueprint, a bottom-up economic development strategy, through industry-led partnerships. These partnerships are critical building blocks to a thriving Colorado economy.

Through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s leadership, the state identified 14 Key Industries critical to driving Colorado’s economy through the analysis of labor market data and the development of the bottom up statewide economic development plan, the Colorado Blueprint. The Key Industry Networks result in the development of a statewide strategic plan for each industry. The effort will ensure that Colorado is at the forefront of cultivating a relentlessly pro-business environment where Colorado’s key industries will thrive.

Regional Industry-led partnerships, sector partnerships, focus on working with business to create and implement coordinated and customized solutions. Today across Colorado, businesses, educators, workforce professionals and others are coming together, leveraging relationships, and developing solutions.

Industry-led partnerships across the country have proven successful

Reduction in Turnover

Increased Productivity

Reduction in Customer Complaints

Data from Industry Partnerships in Pennsylvania, booklet, Pennsylvania Workforce Development, April 2009

Explore industry partnerships that will help your business grow, shape your industry’s future, and be a part of developing a thriving Colorado economy. Learn more about the emerging or expanding partnerships across the state, click here.